How do we reset weapons

I don’t know how to reset weapons in the New armory can someone please help me

Go to the Amory, select a weapon as if you were going to craft it and then hit the reset button

So when I go to the armories I go to weapons and then what?

A step-by-step process would be ideal

Select the weapon you want to reset. Them press reset in the bottom left corner.

Armory>weapons>pick your weapon>reset

You can’t pick your weapon after weapons there still more choices than that,

Press Weapons

Select weapon


Do you have something different?

When I go to weapons there’s a bunch of more options of what I want to do with the weapons, I’ll check again once my armories are finished

I see it at the bottom there though thanks

Also, cant reset locked weapons. I had trouble resetting until I figured that out.

Yeah it’s not letting me says I need to research it and still do not know how

Never mind figured it out

Select weapons and then research and then scroll all the way to the right and select weapon resets after that choose weapons go to the weapon and then at the very bottom on the left you will see a reset button

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