How do we know the % chances given are correct?

Do apple Etc… look into the chances given by Scopley?

How about that certain devices seem to be a lot more lucky than others…?
Is everyone on the same levelled playing field?

Just wondering if anyone knows how it works.


Source code. Also scopely too lazy to code in secret odds lmao

I was litterly just thinking of this last night when michone sale came up … how do you know it’s 10 percent and not 0.1 percent

Like we can trust scopely and anything they say.


Scopely never does any wrong and they are very trustworthy


I have Stockholm syndrome

Apple have dodged billions in tax and continue to have their shoddy phones assembled by Taiwanese tenement children, their “requirement” to have odds displayed is pure lip service to avoid probes by the FTC.
They’re happy with “displayed” odds as a pure box-ticking exercise, stacked RNG and other shadiness is not a concern for them, hell they’re probably learning a thing or two from Scopes in the art of obfuscation!


You can’t blame apple for scopely I mean really lol

Was FTC really the real issue? I thought it was for transparency issues following the whole Star Wars loot crate debacle.

That was definitely a catalyst - they saw which way the wind was blowing after SW and China’s mandate so decided to look proactive to preemptively deflect attention… At least that’s my tinfoil hat theory :exploding_head: I know they’re popular around here

Chances displayed are probably accurate, but what isnt displayed are the chances for specific toons/rewards in any given category. For example in wheels it says 1% chance of 6 star, but the chances for specific 6 stars, usually the new promo ones could be lower than the chances for older 6 stars.

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My comment offended someone lol then a fake account liked my sarcastic comment about them doing no wrong :rofl:

That’s another big problem.

About if in the coding your more likely to get toons you already have.
Purposely stunting the growth of your roster so you have to spend more to get the toons you want.

I don’t know… maybe it’s just bad RnG on my part but I’ve noticed a lot more dupes in winter event and the last one compared to previous…and toons owned in those wheels has actually gone down in number.
Walker tokens the same. They seem to have gotten worse…this includes others I’ve spoken to.
Aaron and Wyatts flood the pulls.
Not seen many Sandys or Violets.

Last time people were pulling Carl and Shiva(y)

I just have a feeling something dodgy is going on…
They can say the chances are right but have hidden ones.

We feel like we are getting good deals nd good chances but that could be for dupes or poor toons.

Think Scopley have realised most average spending whales have good varied teams/rosters now and there spending on pulls is down. So maybe there testing ways to get those members rosters grow less for a time and hoping the “bad luck” will push those members to pull more.

This game is all about progression after all.


Uh oh you are speaking truth and that will make scopely angry lol

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