How do people get 800,000 solo league trophies

I’ve never come near even 300,000 in a season. Is this just insane levels of grinding and/or buying tons of cans or am I missing something

Finish high in solos especially sr tours and war a good amount. Personally I don’t think I’ve ever not hit 800k except once when I was completely on break for a month without logging in.


Can also do it if ftp by using all free raid and Terri energy I guess and warring a lot, but that would be more for someone who has gone about it that way to speak on Either way it comes down to being active and burning cans at the right times. Now with arena addition I’d say it has to be easier to get the milestones as it’s another avenue to trophies

I hit 400k plus every season and I’m a slacker

As a mostly f2p player over the last few seasons have always hit 480k except this season cos I am slowly losing all interest in this game.

Complete SR and raid tourneys and you should be able to touch 480k. Also would need to score atleast 100k each war

Just using your free E and war a lot. Having the x3.4 bonus helps

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I’m laughing my ass people saying u can do it with ftp energy :joy::joy::joy: but seen top 100 players placing #1 in every event reaching 400k

I was easily doing it ftp. Place high enough in solo tourneys as well as war scores over 200k. I usually crossed 800k with 2 weeks left. Save your cans til it matters and be smart (I was diamond 2-4 if that matters?)

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I enjoy real life to much to hit those milestones.


In 8weeks using free energy you can get

Around 70k from territories
Around 103k from raids (assuming you sleep 6hrs)
Around 142k from 4wars (scoring 200k each time)

Add in tournaments and 800k isnt hard. Especially now with plenty of trophies from arenas.

You need a good faction to do wars win wars and gain tons of points.I knew people who would gain 600k-1million per war weekend.Not hard with the best characters btw.

I’m a free to play player and usually hit the 800K milestone. I have an s10 team so my point multiplier is 3.4 which helps. During war I scout with raid energy since you get more trophies than typical raids and you have the chance for raid cans to drop. I usually finish SR in tournaments and in war I score between 200-500K. For Raid tournaments I always hit the last milestone. I don’t do much with territories tbh but with arena’s being a daily thing it should be easier to hit imo.

BJust play and play and play

Like he said just play…try to go big in one event during a week then try and place in the high teens in all the rest of the events. Use raid cans during war for scouts if you are slacking…

Yeah im still s9++, can’t seem to get s10 yet

If you have Michelle, Piper, Charlie, Nik and Donny or something similar (f2p toons). Try next mod removal day :slight_smile:

No Michelle or Charlie but I have the others. Piper needs gold mods so that might do it.

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Well areans top 5 is worth over 100k… Sr raid then war…

Isnt there a guy who does not miss one queue? Literally does not sleep from start to finish.

Same… I’m f2p and usually use the coins I got to buy refills that also help with grinding events, etc