How do people get 6* and Ascendables so easy?

I’ve been playing for a long time so i know this game has shitty chances, what with 1% for ascendables and 6 stars, so far i’ve gotten but one ascendable from a pull (“A New Threat” Governer) as i don’t pay for huge 10-40 pulls. But people in my faction did free one pulls all week and were getting Alphas, Fast revive tyreese, gabriel, erika, harper, koa, all sorts of amazing toons, and again this is only after single pulls and i know they are not lying as they have shown me them. is there a certain trick to it or something, like a good time, day, or what? i don’t understand it.

chances are those single pulls were after multiple ten of 40 pulls. The odds are pretty awful unless you throw down huge Sums of money

mate from my faction pulled from new stash a Erika and 30 victory tokens and then got Violet xD

Some spend a very very little and manage to pull toons. Some spend big to get them. Someone from my faction did 21 big pulls for gabriel to get him while someone else got him in a 10 pull

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i’m better off saving money for a month and buying one of those offers that give you a 50/50 chance of a 6* or 5* and a few ulysses and liliths, at least you know what your getting and those are pretty good odds considering.

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21 big pulls holy phuck


I do singles and they work out fine.


Your Better off just not spending. Period. Dont do it.


i got wayland from single free pull and i was shocked. Account rigging is real


i got yvvette and hunter from the same surprise box


They are lying bro lol no way a bunch of people in a single faction was solo pulling great toons lol


In 3+ years I’ve never pulled a 5, let alone an ascendable from the premier wheels. Not a big spender, but still over 400 pulls total.

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me too when he was announced

It wasn’t all from one faction, i left one faction that had a few of those, and another had some too. i should’ve clarified.

i got maybe like 4-5

Dude from my faction makes around three or four pulls every two weeks thanks to tapjoy… and somehow he ALWAYS get the best toons. Got himself three human shields(Magna, Jesusx2), got himself Erika, got Marlon and Ross, Louis, Dissarming michonne, Princess, Rick lacelator, Tyresse with revive, Shiva lacerator, Alpha, Yumiko confuse… all of this only from doing four pulls. Me? The best thing I got so far from my individuals pulls is non-ascendable yellow Jesus and other worthless 5*!

But, as said before. This all depends on luck.

scopely employee or cheater probably

Sounds like he is hacking tapjoy

21 big pulls?! To rent pixels?! Sounds like homeboy needs a sponsor and some strong intervention.


That shit is tame. Go watch some youtubers who made more openings and didn’t get jack shit before the “each 40 pulls is guaranteed 5*”.