How do i take koa down


Mira, Wanderer, Lori, Governor, etc…


Don’t hit him with Vik, neut keeps the shield up


Vik’s active skill is focus, get stun on at K for your greens, at K Mir a rd 1 focus e vik, kill Mir a rd 2, keep pounding away

Your atk team seems disjointed, no offense. Might be better off posting roster and asking for atk team help



For me red madison and a pure red team consisting of all stun guns and one ap down on attack gun. Try and show ya how I beat him if I can get this stupid new phone working properly.


That is exactly the problem. You really shouldn’t complain about not being able to beat those types of teams if your roster is very under developed.


Yeah man, u got a long way to go. I would focus on wanderer, also red Kenny is convenient bc of confuse which can help on shields. I believe u have scout as well based off of hair. There are teams that can be made, samus can help on melee like xma shiva and vik but you look to be lacking in yellows and greens, see looks like neu t ty and revives glenn. Too many 5* in a 6* world though. It will take time man but it will come.


The guy literally posted his roster above, how you going to suggest a team like that?

@Sabbath - focus on levelling Wanderer, his AR debuff will really help you


Pound the free events, special roadmaps, etc and raid a lot. They’ve been making red ascendable toons readily available as of late and that’s what you need to quickly knock down Koa. Take advantage of the Christmas promo and any other events that allow you to earn very good characters for free by hustling.


wanderer and duel red govs should do well against koa.

or you can try duel wanderers and a red gov but the first option would suit better. Duel wanderers are fun and wreck havok on green teams and red teams.

wanderer can be purchased from the supply depot when he shows up. His full price is 40k supply points.

Red gov. also shows up but his full price is 55k supply points so it’s better to get him on super sale or extreme sale. I forget the extreme sale price, it’s been a good while since i bought depot toons but i think it’s 37.5k supply points.

Mira is a nice option as well but later on with stronger players, opponents use gold stun resist mods. The stun resist mods against mira affects her effectiveness for stunning and she also doesn’t do as much as damage compared to the wanderer.

Besides toons, for mods, using bonus dmg vs strong traits does help vs shields like koa.

If you have both gold burn and bleed mods, they can help with giving extra dmg vs toons like human shields, indomitable, evasion and toons that have absolute def weapons.

For a 6 star you can put both a burn mod and bleed mod on them. One thing to note, burn damage doesn’t stack however bleed damage does.

When facing a shield with a hp buff, burn, bleed and maim damage bypasses hp buff.


“How do I take koa down”.

Gave him advice. Alternatively he could look to get his wanderer maxed and use him as lead and his strongest reds with all attack mods. Should do the job but if he lacks reds fill up the team with blues. Not much he can do with that roster tbh needs to grind a while and get more useful toons along the way.


red kenny, use him as lead, 45 to melee


Free Kenny wouldn’t be as good a lead as spencer. Spencer gives 40 at k to all, both ranged and melee, so 5 less BUT he also gives 40 hp, or def, I forgot which, with running 5* , it will be needed. he didn’t post his full roster, you can clearly make out other rooms based off of the top of the picture on the bottom row of the first image.


Not a piece of information that really will help you in this particular battle…but you should also swap yumiko and shiva’s places so you don’t have 2 blues on top and 2 greens on the bottom. Sooner or later you’ll come up against a red or yellow that does Line damage and will take out 2 in 1 shot if you keep them that way.

As for Koa…definitely give focus a try on viktor. Actives are activated by swiping left on their icon at the bottom of your screen. Prioritize feeding any Ulysses you get to his focus ability. You’ll want to max it out.


just use focus


I update team


Use focus, kill the others first, always leave the shield last to kill on auto.


Your team is a mess… Shiva and Viktor don’t profit off Spencer’s leaderskills and theyre all very low level.


I see u have Wanderer…make him Legendary and u will beat that Koa.

Governor is good too


from the looks of it u need gear to level up ur toons,
so what do u need to beat Koa… MoNEY