How do i take koa down

i’ve been playing for awhile and i cant beat him in raids at all no matter how much I try

Red gov

red toons, and good weapons

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this team keeps beating me because i cant kill noah
negan fast yumiko in white clothing mirabelle fast koa rick command tough

Try and not neutralize Koa with your viktor or use amy’s Ar first then spencer’s Ar.

i hit him many times with all and he still wont die because commander rick keeps commanding healers and stupid yumiko keeps killing amy so she kills my reviver and idk what to do please help i can post rest of roster too if i need too

Ss the opponents team you’re struggling with

Stupid yumiko keeps firing up to three times when using ar and its pissing me off

Red Mira and red neutralize governor

I pound into Koa for AR, focus and kill those behind the shield. Koa then shields their black corpses and waits to join them.


i dont have focus

Why are you attacking green leads with green/blue :man_shrugging:


Viktor has it as an active.

its all i have ive only played for a month or so

oh ok i never use actives because they confuse me on how to use them

Oof good thing you ain’t going up against a hella buffed koa

You should watch videos on you tube from Content makers. It sounds like u don’t have a good understanding of the game yet and what each toon does. Use red toons for green, blue toons for red, yellow toons for blue, and green toons for yellow.
Victors focus bypasses shield turn 2. If Yumiko gives you most problem take her out first. I’d also ascend Yumiko her active gives confuse which also will bypass that shield. T4 Amy she’s gonna be squishy as a 5* to begin with.

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level ur toon up toons and dont worry bro… soon u will be an expert of this game vickter is very nice toon u hve

I see a lack of trait advantage.