How do I switch fb linked acct?

I have an old Facebook account linked to the game, but would like to switch to another fb account if possible.
I have never unlinked the account before, anyone with experience care to share the steps, plz?

  1. lets say you created a new facebook account A. And you havnt linked that account to this game like that account is fresh. so now assume there is another account which ur playing right now B. Remember the account A hasnt been logged in or linked to this game anytime in the past. so now if you want to change the linked fb account to be changed ( not the game files, only the fb account ) this is just to change the email of ur present game progress. if your player level is 100 and that is linked to account B then if you click on unlink and then link the account A ( remember again the account hasnt been used in this game that should be fresh ) the its the same game and ur level is 100 but the fb account is only changed.

  2. lets say you have account C and account D. in which both the accounts are used lets say the player level in ur account C is 50 and ur player level in account D is 100. Present ur playing in account D. and u just remembered there is another account u played ( which is account C ) in so u thought to play in tht account and for a while and check some things. now you should click on unlink ( u just unlinked account D ) and then it shows link account click on it and u will link the account C. you played in that and you are satisfied and now you want to go to ur present account D then unlink and click link and type ur account D details and it takes u to account D.

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