How do i send scopely a message?

Some1 told me to go to support and send them a message but where do i find support at? Im new on here just letting u know


Go into the game. Click on menu at the bottom right, then click options, then support. Click on one of the available suggested topics and run through that, It will then ask you if this is what you were looking for, you say no, and then it will show an option to contact support. From there you can submit your own direct message to scopely.


Thanks man i appreciate it

Your message will most likely get an automated response. Then you have to type it all over again and 48-infinity hours later you might get a vague reply that’s not gonna fix your problems.

Thanks man

Don’t bother… they literally do nothing to help, ever.


brown paper bag with poo, light it up in front of their office?

Scopely Support = double negative oxymoron :exploding_head:

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Settings > Support > Contact Us

Keep survive

lol made my day

Direct everything to @Kodak_black

How do you want to send the message? Via mail or fax? I’m sure we could find the office address

I hope they accept telegram or carrier pigeon.

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Maybe we can call them collect? Or send a owl from hogwarts?

Running out of options here!
Help with the brainstorming or cut me some slack :pray:

Smoke signals

You’re welcome.