How do I leave the Beta?

Just wondering how I can leave the Beta version of the game without being locked out completely? I want to leave Beta because of stupid auto updates. I play the game on the Amazon Appstore version now and stopped using the Google Play version, but recently a device auto updated the Google one and now I’m locked out of the Amazon one. So, how do I leave Beta and revert my Google Play version to the non-beta one?

Try and log out of the google play one then go to amazon and link it in that Version.It says something about you can’t leave Beta when you sign up.This isn’t true however because I’ve got out of it before linking through other devices.

I would wait until 9.3 goes live for everyone then opt out of beta. I opted out in the the google group.

Does leaving the Google+ page remove you from Beta?

I am still in the google plus group. The very top of the group i have a down arrow that i pressed and that will bring up a whole description of the group but also will allow you to hit a link to drop beta. … Mine currently says “Become a tester here”
“download the latest version here”
“get help and support here”
I waited till the beta went live before dropping it. Beta is not worth the trouble for me.

Yours should say something like opt out instead of become a tester.