How do I keep my weapons equipped to my people?

So I see we can lockup weapons by means of the little “lock symbol” but it seems that the weaponry unequips itself after switching around teams. Anybody know a way to stop this from happening?

Duh ANY OTHER WAYS OF DOING IT that actually make sense?

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Well there should be … It is a pain

Thanks… Already on it

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That’s actually a dumd idea. The weapons stay locked to the teams you assign them too. But you may need to build SR or other road map teams that require a stun or crit weapon. It would be more of a pain to unlock them if they were assigned to a toon.

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I’m not suggesting they stay permanently equipped forever but at least until removed

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At the moment we can’t even view who possesses a weapon unless looking at the characters themselves and only from the team edit page. .

If I have duplicate weapons there is no way to see if I accidentally removed a weapon.

I ended up going into a hard level using only the default weapons that are always attached to the characters and got my butt handed to me.

You have no idea what you are talking about. Weapon lock is for selling. It is not needed for toons!

Thanks for showing your intelligence. I understand why you need weapons lock!