How do I get telltale characters?

Which telltale (5 and 4 stars) characters can I get from ascending?

Collecting them for the sake of it, huh? I gotchu, fam

:strong: - Chuck
:alert: - Eleanor
:tough: - Mark

:fast: - Ben
:fast: - Carley :star:
:fast: - Clementine
:fast: - Oberson
:strong: - Kenny
:strong: - Lee
:strong: - Norma
:alert: - Vernon
:tough: - Lilly
:tough: - Omid

Thanks TonightWePurge and robrope

There’s also a 3 * Katja and a 4* clem. There’s a red Lee 5* as well as 5*yellow christa . There may be some others but that’s the bulk of it

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