How do I get legendary recruits?


@kalishane … Your (Scopely) own words… Chapeaux!


The semantic police will point out that indeed, you cannot purchase a Legendary recruit “directly”. You are purchasing a chance at one of many results. See, now everything is better :frowning:


Well… thats true. You can’t purchase them any more than you can purchase Priya or another desired 5 star- except those in the stash which you have to whittle down with $$ in order to get.

So its not incorrect. In the scheme of things wrong in the game this is kinda… not.


Scopely changed their mind. Simple as that.


We can assume their motivation I suppose.


Do you even read what they said? “They can only be obtained by ascending your maxed out Epic Recruits”… Usually they hide behind ‘subject to change’, but it’s nowhere to be seen this time… The same as Scopelys answer to this question


They changed their mind. That’s all there is to it. We’ve had 10 of these threads. Tbh what’s the problem? Most people will get the 5* ascended in a couple of days anyway, but one or two people might get a fast track.


that’s for Kirkman special event, not big deal