How did you feel about horde?

Hi, long time listener, new time poster… not really, but its been a while.

I’ve seen a lot of people say they felt one way or the other about horde and I thought maybe a place to put all the feedback together might be useful.

and because its me, i’ll do a poll as I must.

so how did you feel about horde?

  • I loved horde, needs to happen more often!
  • I really enjoyed horde, it was fresh and different
  • Horde was fun, but its just another event
  • I’m indifferent either way
  • I didn’t really enjoy it, but I’ll deal with it
  • Horde isn’t what I came here to play, please stop
  • Burn horde with fire please baby jesus.

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i really enjoy hordes but it need better rewards and milestones


Fun, will be awesome with minor changes.

This is my opinion, and voted for it being “fresh and different” on the basis that the rewards (not to mentioned a lot of the quirks and issues) get sorted.


I like hordes. I like even better what it COULD be


share what you think it could be, lets get some dialog going

I’m conscious I’ve said the same things about 2000 times in the last 5 days lol. But actual rewards, quicker energy, ability to search a new opponent, shortened to 48 hours, etc


Outwith gaining trophies for league this mode offers little to nothing for me.
SR gives decent xp and food/wood.
Level Up improves toons.
Raids gives rep and practice against teams outside of friendly duels.
SR/Lups/Raids all contribute to being more quipped for the only mode that keeps me interested in playing which is war.
Just my 10 pence though.

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I agree with you. I enjoyed the event cause it was different. I feel it will be better if they made the changes you suggested.

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Just because something is different doesn’t make it enjoyable. You can always download other games no? This game doesn’t fit at all with the rest of the game and isn’t the main reason players have been playing for three years. I’ll deal with it but if this was the main game mode when I started this game, would have been insta delete. These game types are terrible imo.


Unless you like the difference. I like TWD, I like this game, I like the people on this game, I’m not interested in adding another game to my schedule. You can only make so many tournaments out of the 5v5 raid format. It’s still not the main game mode, it’s one of 10 tournaments this game has offered.

Thematically it fits right in, it’s a whisperers minigame. Mechanically it’s not a leap away, all the same components are there. It’s different enough to be fun. It’s not different enough that it sticks out like a sore thumb.

There you go, you coaxed me out lol


The event was fine, but the rewards could be better, and I hope next time we’ll get what we were shown (because getting only half of the promised rewards is not good enough)

I voted ‘its just another event’, but could so easily have been a good, fresh new feature. it definitely has potential, unlike onslaught, which is just an existing feature reworked

I didnt have enough time to work at it properly, didnt really have a good run at it or use the free refills they gave out. but the main thing,again, were the rewards.

Rewards were gash. most event rewards are gash, but even with the milestones they were barely better than yawnslaught

Interesting results so far. Nearly split

yea, unless you group the various dislike options, and the various like options together theres a slight edge, but i like to see it be close and see the discussion of feedback

Needs a few adjustments like a bigger energy pool and renewal like in sr and proper rewards could make it an interesting event. Maybe add traps and turrets to cards so we have to work to get more offense and defense options

It was fun for a while, but 3 days was entirely too long and energy regeneration was too slow.

Didn’t see an opinion I felt fitted. With improvements to rewards+milestones lowered and timer fixed it could be enjoyable. If this happens I’d say it’s a great new feature.

But as it stood at the weekend it felt like I’d downloaded a tapjoy offer game plant’s’v’zombies played for 3 days to get 30 coins.

It’s over half didn’t like it in one way or another.

i think hes just looking at the top one and not grouping them, i just wanted to give some variations of how people felt