How did this happen?

So I found this video on reddit showing someone receiving 6,000 basils Scopley what is your explanation?

Since I can’t post the video here’s a screenshot

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Fake. Too much space around the comma.

It’s easy, you just gotta I love Tohru

What a coincidence. I found a video to someone getting thousands of these awesome high powered weapons that Scopley only gave out in the inbox. Here is an ambiguous screenshot and no link to the actual video…


As you can see here, I have exactly 500 Lydia’s, here is my screen shot of my 1 Lydia to prove it


Very simple, Turkey glitch

I pretty sure no one will take there time to photo shop a comma and get the exact color/word font I feel like this is real

I believe this is the same guy after he deported half

why would he do that? selling basils i mean.

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Easiest way to get depot points so you can buy the toons in the depot.

yeah, and depot is full of toons to buy. I’m sitting on 200k plus for a couple of months now, unless I buy sthg I don’t need it’s gonna be 300k soon.

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Yeah if you got everything in the depot then theres no point but there are still people havent bought all the toons in there

and this guy needs 700k depot points to get necessary stuff. it’s either hoax or show-off

what toons cost 700.000 points? ive got 215.000 and i rather buy basils then sell them.

That roadmap with all the trainers.

Honestly don’t know why he/she would deport them either bec that could be a easy 20mill for faction level up
Depending if they got the toons and gear and food

I mean thats why most people depot basil. This guy was probably just showing off the glitch.

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Why would you waste 20 mil for a fac level up when the rewards are worse for fac events lol

Id use those over time to hit 2mil for a few solo level ups and a few fac events

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