How did Daiyu keep her motorcycle gear so good after all this time?

Did she find it/scavenge it off a dead person.


She did Scopely some “favors”.

All involving money.

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Most leather especially colored, is easy to wipe off. I ride a bike dyna glide,and most of my leather is pretty easy to keep clean and hard to mar up. Though not real sure abt zombie blood. That’s my theory.

I don’t think blood is too hard to get out of leather. But I personally prefer black leather so it really wouldnt matter anyway. Lol

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Right. I think hers is green black and white. I can’t imagine it would even get that bad. The white maybe. Depends. I think leather would be a good armor if the Z apocalypse broke out. And motorcycles are loud true, but they’d be way more efficient to navigate crowded roadways then a car.

Well, leather can take a lot more abuse than anything other than kevlar. So it’s probably the best choice that wouldnt be too hard to find

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Also - i may have this wrong, but isn’t Daiyu from a time not long after the outbreak?

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