How dare i speak about an issue within the game


Apparently we can’t talk about the ongoing hacking issue and scopely’s lack of effort to correct it?


looks like you stumbled upon the truth. look here for a second… :smirk:


Very likely your call to arms towards the bottom. Expect TOS to be tossed at you


People are quick to flag things they feel are repeat threads.

Until they, themselves make a repeat thread.

Then they get irked when they get flagged.

And so on, and so forth.




How soon will this gets flagged?



No doubt it was flagged by @kalishane as it might cause a dare I say and get banned…No, sounds like bending


That’s how the TOS works


I wonder how many ‘multiple community members’ have to flag a post before it gets hidden, I’m guessing it’s simply multiples of one.


you post about it here
then some people give you some fair and reasoned responses
then some shills & cucks tell those people to stop being so negative
then trolls flag the shit out of everything
then kalishane locks the thread
and Scopely does nothing about anything


Just comment on one of the dozens of other threads talking about the exact same thing and this shit wont happen.


They hate to be called out on their shit lol