How contact Scopely


As the title states, I want to contact Scopely about a 40 pull that garnered only 3 &4 * characters. Imagine waking up on Christmas morning and spending your hard earned money on a game that you enjoy playing, only to be disappointed yet again! So much so, that you are considering quitting the game completely!


Instead of contacting Scopely, you need to be in touch with Google/Apple and getting yourself a refund.


Yeah, refund.

Why spend money on this game when coins are free through offers?


Write your complaint down on a piece of paper. Crumble said piece of paper up. Throw the ball of paper in the trash


Use support in the games option menu.


Eat said piece of paper, the results will be more appropriate.


They will first ask when the last time you pulled a 5* was, if it was since the last premier changed. If not, then technically they didn’t do anything wrong. If you’ve never pulled one, or the event has changed, then you are correctly owed a 5*.


you need sacrifice a sheep o a goat