How change inactiv leader, and contact with real support


Region Schley, team Żołnierze Wyklęci,
Hello, I have problem, my leader is one month inactiv and i need change him. I send 50 messages to support but there work only bots. They say me that he is inactiv but he is activ!!! I know that system should change inactiv leader after 2 weeks but, this same smart system give the leader to inactiv player and now my leader is inactiv one month… last log in game 18.09. Please someone help me!!! This is very important to me


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ok, thank :slight_smile: and please contact me with real support (humans)


If support isn’t helpful, remaking the faction and bringing over the members is an option.


i dont want make new faction… i want reactivation my first team. I play when this game start so i know how make, build new faction and everything about game.


Honestly there system is automated its possible this player is active in another region hence why he hasnt been removed, as he is still classed as active on their system,
Your best bet is to simply leave the faction as a group and remake a new one with the same name, there is little benefit to staying in a dead faction without power, as people cant be kicked and starting a new faction is exactly the same as staying in the original


not this same… wars and raids points and place on general leaderboard…i lose everything
i need contact with real support (humans) someone from here is from Scopley?


If everyone moves with you apart from the leader, raid will be the same minus his rep as there is no overall raid leader board, so you will not lose anything noticeable, as rep is the same in or out of a faction.

On the global war leader board front its not the end of the world and no one really ever looks at it ,so its worth the jump to start fresh, as the forum will not be able to help only the support system can help you in this situation we can only really give you advice and if the support cant help you have 2 choices stay where you are and wait for the automation or move faction


so f*** system… I will try find this player here, on Facebook…etc


someone here is from Scopley support… admin, worker support?


Dude no one from support is on here @kalishane is the community manager, but isnt able to change anything in game she just collects data and manages the community, we cant help, only give in game advice ect, you have to deal with the support agents in game

As i said before you have 2 options, stay and keep contacting in game support as there the only ones who can help remove the leader ,or take everyone to a new faction and start over


Problem with starting a new fac is: your revenge goes back to zero. Now i don’t care much about rep but i do care about having my faction mates’ backs.


Indeed just all leave the current faction and one of you start a new one and rest joins it. Before leaving any co-leader message everyone with ingame mail/whatsapp/line and inform about the change so when they see it they leave and join the rest. plain and simple no need to suffer with support.


Your individual counter doesn’t change


Number of faction revenges is just a number that exists on a few people’s phones. In the grand scheme of things, is it really worth holding onto?


Grand scheme? No. I’m just saying there are some things in the game that hold different value to different players. For me i value avenging fac mates. For the OP i don’t know maybe their faction’s name is the perfect name for him (just speculating).

So yeah moving everyone to a new faction is definitely the easiest way to go, but the fact that the OP doesnt want to do that suggests that there is something in his current fac that he values. And because of that, i hope the powers that be can help him in his current problem.