How can this be


So ran into a 6 star andrea during CRW. How can you have a 6 star andrea already?


Some people still have her 6* from what I heard they didn’t reset everybody’s Andrea


Oh ok. Thought they did. Was very confused.


My is at 2 tier 5* the 2nd free radio I never used just waiting to see if the map for it changes to better things


Possible with a perfect comics pull for 2 weeks?


Almost certain that is not the case


@JB.Scopely how is the fair at all?


Your forgetting who your dealing with fair is never a priority


Not forgetting, but they claim they reset the character for everyone, they clearly didn’t. @JB.Scopely needs to look into this.


They already know, that’s why the silence has begun.

You could now start a thread that received 1000’s of replies demanding they look into it but there won’t be a single offical comment.


Dude’s right u know


Scopely fix only applies to some of us, there are people beyond rules


Oh believe me, I know they already know. Just like how they know about a lot of the hackers out there that people post on the forums.


This is how they work in this company


They claim a lot on untrue things like "oh we can’t change rewards once their live’’ or ‘‘the territory crashes are due to your device’’ or “we’re behind on legacys cuz we’re changing staff but we’ll soon be ramping up” or the classic ‘‘we’ll be taking your concerns/suggestions to the team and we’ll get back to you’’ lol


Roll back still searching… hahah


in the meantime, bang

S: “onslaught, new feature for you, cause thats what you want”
P: “no thats not what we want”
S: “doesnt matter here you are”


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