How can this be happening?


it happened again. from S11+ to S10++ are you guys for real?

try explain how after sending kapoor on scavenging he comes back with 15 levels more and my overall strength goes down?

Kapoor being nerfed BC he keep shaming the whales


so insted admit they fucked up they secretly destoying shit around

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Kapoor isn’t worth scraping my shit covered shoes on.

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your point being? does not matter, it should not. I thought there are some rules but its scopely …

My point being that

still does not explain why drop happened, because you dont like kapoor?

sorry but if they want me to spend money this will have opposite effect

Yes that is it

are there any other toons you dont like then? should report it immmediately to scopely

No that’s not what I meant

all i want is glimpse of rules, forget that. they could admit he is crap and maiking changes within game I would stop investing in it.
Lies Omissions and golden shower that is what we get.

Mmm golden shower

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different strokes for different folks

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How exactly Kapoor was nerfed?

no idea, dont care if he was still will stay in my team, because i dont spend money with them ever again so will not gain another s class

…But you still created a topic. OK.

dont care now, wanted to know if ist only happened to me

Just don’t take it personally, if they’re reworking team grades they’re not doing cause of you, it moves for everyone

lol I know, it is just counterproductive.

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