How can I log in 7days

How can I log in 7days?


I expect scopely will send everyone 3 sparklers since its not counting the first day.

I have the same. Day one not counting, i thought maybe i just need it to give it time or close/open app, then i went to my mini region i was able to claim my day one there not in my main though. Hope they fix this or else i want a hand grenade and some bloody shirt for compensation!

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My impression is, that it is related to the login reset timer (when you get fac helper tokens / prestige rewards). You got them on your main before the event started, you logged into your mini only after the event started - hence you got them in the mini, but not main.

I might be wrong tho…

It might be. I noticed that one person in my faction had credit for a sparkler yesterday, even though almost all of us were online all day long due to the war. Logging in and out, and rebooting my device, made no difference. I only had credit this morning when I woke up-my reset is at midnight local.

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