How can i join beta


Como puedo unirme a beta, llevo más de 1 año esperando


Roses are red, violets are blue, the title is english, why arent you?


Don’t bother! All beta users get more bugs and game glitches than anyone else


Actually, I haven’t gotten a single glitch or bug and I’m a beta user.


How do you get a beta player Red?


My beta is running fine too


You have to be android user and wait for your number to be called


iOS here! Too bad


Have you tried to take a tower this war?


Do not become a beta player, you will regret it, get treated like shit and ignored and then watch as the things you brought up in beta and were ignored destroy everyone else’s game and as an added extra you’ll get bugs and glitches that u never knew existed like not being able to take towers in crw even tho one of them decides the game , you have been warned.


Of you really want to join there is a link in support under “what is beta and how do I join”


Yes I have, works perfectly fine and I usually get them.


I don’t mean at start, I mean trying to take it from the opposing faction


JB put up a link that takes you to a page, request entry for that page and if you get it, there should be another link that takes you to a screen that says “Become a Tester”


That too yeah


Lucky bastard. Most people on the current beta are finding their game crashes when trying to kick an enemy defence out of a tower


Yeah idk about bugs i havent noticed any


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