how can I join a new region

how can I join a new region

Depending on when you installed the game, you may not be able to just join a new region. Tap on menu/options/regions. Do you see other regions?

that’s how many of them show me

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I just started the game on a new device and I am trying to make a baby account in my region, but the game is only showing me the region it started me in. Do I have to reach a certain point in the game to join a new region?

Talk about thread revival…

I think I you can message support to put you in a different region, that’s assuming you are in a locked region.

I don’t know why they started doing this (forcing players to one region they don’t want to play in), and I don’t know why we’ve never been able to get an explanation of how this is supposed to work when a new player starts this game fresh.

I haven’t heard from anyone who successfully convinced support to move their newly started account to an existing region. I don’t know why they won’t do this, because they are clearly capable of doing so. It also discourages players recruiting their friends to play. Why should I encourage another person to start playing if I can’t play with them for months until their region opens for outbound transfers?

@GR.Scopely, any insight here?


this is exactly why I wanted to my baby account to join a group of people I know… :confused: frustrating to say the least.

Thanks LG for replying