How can I have 400

can your help me

Easy… $$$$$$$


You can’t get her now unless they put any offers up. You’ll just have to spend your remaining tokens on something else.

I literally had the same problem, i miss calculated it and ended up 400 short for more rick cards ffs i don’t think there’s nothing can be done buddy, sorry

Se quedó corto :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Out of the two other characters, who is the better choice?

  • Raulito
  • Secretary Gua

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I did all the challenges and stuff I don’t spend any money and I ended up with 2000 even if u don’t spend any and do all the challenges except buy a key u should have 2000 exactly

They obviously bought a key because they’ve bought all the Rick cards. 1600 is just how many they have left over.

Ok ya I did not pay attention to that lol my bad

I went with guo.

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