How can I get Kapoor?

I left the game 7 months ago and now everybody has that character. He’s on the museum right now but no way to get him. Is there a current way to get him?

In war, you can choose between war tokens or rotten heads, the rotten heads get your Kapoor and the ability to upgrade him

I read months ago on a fb group that the collection was bugged or something and he was rewarded for Scopely. Is it true? Or I am confusing it with another event?

I don’t think that was Kapoor no. He’s been relatively controversy-free lol

Key question is. Why would you want krapoor


Maim is my hard carry on hard SRs and Roadmaps. I cry when I see my facmates use him on raids, but he does have some use lol

You collect walker heads instead of war tokens in war. I have him and have made a pretty decent defense he’s apart of. It depends who you face and what types of teams are fluent in your region. He does have his uses.

He is a pest on Arena defenses, he always makes the fights go at least on turn longer than they should. - But yes op is right, you see that dude everywhere, so much to the point that most players now have an effective strategy for dealing with him.

You just don’t need him. He is tanky yes, he rly can nerve yes but if u take into game again now collect your Rss and choose Christa, James or Angel. You need take Part on wars and you will need a few month to Max him out. He is just so easy to wie out since Princess has show up. It’s a waste of Rss. I mean good, Survivors and Trainers

U get him from war as mentioned by Parker. He is a pretty bad s class for later game. But, he is pretty annoying early game and pretty ok for free to play. I’ve played 6 months as a free to play and hes in my main squad

In War events and 2 ways: either hit 25k milestone quickly so u choose half heads and have kapoor while event is ongoing; or wait till event ends and hope ur team lands in the top 30.

Kapoor will prove extremely helpful for you if just come back to the the game. Get self in any faction that wars and get the heads. Focus on that as be easiest sclass you’ll be able to level up… tho gonna take time.

His skills will help you an any team you build.

Likewise get doing daily gold maps an collect the free gold. Either get just one of the 2 or all if that’s option as at least it’s starting point to strengthen team for now whilst work back up.

Alot of people are waaaaay ahead so all have different opinions on toons but quickly forget when starting out options are limited so gotta work with what can get

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