How can I get a chat ban?


I wonder what is the coolest way to get a chat ban


Participate in tower calling. Try describing a beer. State names of rival companies, etc


The word “bitches” won’t get you banned btw, wasn’t even censored when someone said it.


different words are censored for different people, it depends on your chat history

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find someone easily offended in your region
hurl abuse at them
wait to get banned


call towers


spam admin posts


Let’s not hurl abuse at anyone please :sweat_smile:


I said penis and got a 24h ban

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just be yourself

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omg a developer responded to my post

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He said coolest, not easiest

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Really? I get hashed for mentioning dating apps (although I haven’t been banned yet). Can’t quite remember how it came up in the first place, but they all get hashed out. Hmm


The level of censorship is based on how much you have been censored in the past. There is a high correlation between people who are censored saying basic words and people who took it upon themselves to “test the system” when it first launched.


Say anything against a whale faction, money talks remember . Worked for me lol


Lmao speaking of whales I never seen a whale pres 13 player get banned they have immunity


I shall be testing that as soon as someone says anything mildly offensive to me, I shall report the outcome back here.


Say something to antagonize a rival faction and have them mass report you and trigger an automatic ban


why was that post flagged immediately lol


Lol dude that report button is like a nuclear launch code now weapon of mass destruction


24hr complete ban for next to nothing for me. Oh hold on I do recall using the word dick


I see people with 3 day bans cry about it on line app dude 24 hours is for rookies