How bout a 5 star region

So you know what would be nice. A region where everyone uses ONLY 5star toons. I know it’s a pipe dream, but I’ll bet damn sure alot of people would be happy with that… Ahhhhhh. Variety again.


Sorry there’s no profit in that

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I’ve heard people suggest having events limited to only 4 or 5s. This could work because then Scopely could make premier 4s and 5s. They could have 3 different metas all at once! Sounds like a lot of work though.


I’d be interested. I still have my best 4*. Beth for days!

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Zachary ftw


Oooh and Red Mark! I still use him for auto walker farming


If not a 5* region, what about specific events for lower tiered characters. For instance, a war where everyone can only use 3* or lower characters. IMO part of what the game is missing right now is FUN. It is a game, it should be fun and fighting the same 6* teams over and over again during war is just boring. A blitz war where everyone could only use 3*s or lower, without warning, would be funny as heck as everyone is racing to level up a Benjamin or Katjaa or Cleatus to war. They are super cheap to upgrade so it really wouldn’t be that big of a deal to level a couple. It would switch things up a bit and just give people a laugh trying to remember which toons from back in the day were actually your “OP” team.


For me, it started to get fun with 4* characters. The 3* were what I used until I got the 4* I wanted. Having said that, I remember standing up for 3* red Gloria because everyone canned her but I found her def down / splash hit AR useful. I even used her as leader lol

That was when strategy and synergy mattered a lot more. Weapons were a nice boost at most, not game changers like they are now. The only stun was coming from Chuck (prob others who I can’t remember right now) who you were pretty lucky to get. I still have mine :slight_smile: Whereas most battles seem to come down to RNG now, more often than not.

I’d love to see a 5* or even 4* blitz war! Or all melee, ranged, certain traits or personas…but I realise that with ascendance has come the wiping of most higher level player’s obsolete characters, to make way for trainers and fodder. So there would be a lot of complaining about that I suppose.

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Was thinking this myself

Just because it’s unlikely that Scopley would organise a 5* region or event does not stop a region organising this for themselves either during a particular war or as a general rule in a region. Anyone who breached the 5* rule could be immediately kicked after war and blacklisted from all other factions. If a group got together and started a rogue 6* faction people could immediately surrender the second they drew them or something. Its a possibility