How bad was it when 6 stars were released?

I got the game when they first started introducing wars but i left before the first very first one started because i switched from android to iphone, and forgot about the game completely. wish i hadn’t, i’d be high up in the ranks by now. but that brings me to the title question, how bad was it when they first introduced 6 stars? as i wasn’t there and only heard people saying “it was bad,” with no other details, i’m asking the people who were there when they were making the change to describe what it was like. Thank you!


It was great!, before Op promos came out


It was actually good for a month or two. There didn’t seem to be an OP team build and the game was fun. Mind you I’m not a whale, so didn’t have a full roster of worthless toons I had spent $$$ on. A few whales in my region where rather salty over it but it didn’t take them long to start spending again when the OP PtP toons started appearing.


It was fine untill the 6* buff happened


6-star launch was great. It took a couple of months before they made all 5-stars next to useless but the game was pretty much on an even playing field for about 6-months so long as you got either Mira or Carl from an event pull.

For me mods were the start of the game heading towards p2w and now as of the last few months it’s gone completely p2w with so many really strong op toons being put up for sale while legacy and f2p event toons pale in comparison.


this game is basically pay to cheat now. im predicting they will have revive all team and heal all in the future/

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My only disagreement is I think it’s becoming Pay To Play. I’m still hanging about but the players with 2 shields, 2 revives and a healer etc. get kind of old. Annnnddddd when my stun weapons fail because the enemy toon has all high level gold mods? Why bother…

On that topic, I’ve been wondering if high reputation does change fighting calculations?


As feature releases go, yet another hit mess…

At first 5s were still usable…

Then came the huge Stat increase just ahead of war, so that was a wonderful experience as they gave us 0 warning…

Then the extremely slow roll out made 80% of players run the same exact same team. There wasn’t much in the way of diversity driving creativity. Premiers were just marginal…

Then came the selling a 6s directly, counter to their launch announcement (no shortcuts or whatever)…

And now we are where we are.


And this has not changed one bit. Now it’s just two shields and three revives on every spenders D. Blah.

At least back then there was no clear $ gap between the winner and loser. Everyone won on attack and no one defended. Those were the days. :wink:

Back then everyone had Rosa for a lead on defense cuz that was you support toon

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It wasn’t that bad till they boosted the stats of 6 stars

Lol, true. Never got her until after “Gator” and Kenny. Then I pulled two in the same month. Used both as fodder even though I had plenty of Benedicts. No use hanging onto useless toons anymore with the rate of legacy ascension in the game.

um…did you forget Priya?

That was the worst of 5* days; at least till now we dont have a defensive toon who is as OP as she was back then.

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