How bad things really are? Top player quits


I was not paying attention to quit thread till it hits my region, guy former member of a #1 faction and prestige 11 sells his account for 50 bucks, less than a big pack…


When was the last time you had fun with this game? A whole week thinking “Events are great, prizes are great! I’m loving playing It”

So yeah. This is How bad "/


I will shortly follow… Game no longer fun


He did well to get $50 for that account.

I have 11 6*s. 3 been premiere…I’d be lucky to get $100.

Scopley made most accounts worth nothing.


Unlucky for those with a facebook linked account.


Easy for Russians, we rarely use Facebook


Probably would’ve gotten like 600-1000 bucks 5 months ago…I was ganna settle for 500, til I realize my account was linked.


That’s a pity, Facebook linking is only a hinder atm


I’m just gonna go out on a limb and say if it is a Russian account then it is a hacker account because those Russian regions are full of nothing but cheating when I see it shared here daily about something being done about cheaters, it’s always a Russian region. So he made out good for $50 and he will just make a new account, hack it up, and sell another one. New Account>Hack>Sell>Repeat


I doubt it to be honest, we have cheaters and believe me he’s not the one, our cheaters don’t bother rocking with multiple full tiered 6*


well the screenshot you shared mirabelle is the only 6* I see the rest are 5* but I will take your word for it