How bad RNG can someone have?


Really scopely??? I won’t buy your $100 canteen no Mather how much your system push me towards F***U!




Lol I hear ya bud… I’m 8 canteens, 0 GPS’s.

Makes me wonder if their ‘rng’ algorithms calculate what’s in your inventory before releasing the items :thinking:


Same here all I got so far was gps


I have 2 of each. I was lucky…


I can beat that with a total of 9 GPS and 0 canteens :frowning:


Same thing happened with flack jackets or beanies…ppl had a lot of one part but 0 of the other…eventually someone said that he sold some of the gear and then booom, he got equal amounts of both!!!
But can you trust this trick now? Gps or canteen requires a lot of effort to get just 1.


4 canteens 0 gps here. When I hit my last mikestone in war I just KNEW I was going to get another canteen. Crazy.


Assuming 50% chance for either(which is unlikely since not all reward boxes had only GPS or Canteen), chances of getting 8 GPSs is 0.39%. Looks low, but pulling a 5* pre-guaranteed was inferred to be around 0.85%-1%, and there’s expected to be about ~4 players to have your bad luck for every 1000 players who also got a total of 8 GPSs or Canteens.