How are YOU feeling and WHY

  • Happy - enjoying crw
  • Sad - not enjoying crw
  • Indifferent - not much time/effort toward crw
  • Indifferent - Grinding crw per usual

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Sad the game sucks now and worse then ever. Shield revive meta ruined the game with the help of mods and armory.


Funny cause that meta is broken at the top level.

Also im intoxicated. So I started this thread.


You’re doing a good job :clap:

Just ate sum tasty lasagna…so my belly is happy


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This crw is trash it’s getting very repetitive and boring …


Finally got to test my new melee team’s mettle, and they have not disappointed! Actually hyped for this war, a rare instance.



scopley seems to have messed with mods. The defensive teams seem to be immune to offense mods and the defensive mods seems to affect the attacking team.

Example: I had 3 stun weapons, zero enemy stunned. The enemy attacked and all of my team was stunned.

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Been like this forever, defending teams get to have weapons work better and get extra ap gain, absolute defense is an absolute nightmare! This added with the fact that whales have their accounts marked as such and get more defense, mods work better, weapons work better, etc


Never seen it this bad.

I am doing pretty damn well considering i was about to retire. Still working out kinks but attack team is awesome. However playin a tough set of regions and the set up of a stash with having to pay for tokens for a pull makes it a bit less enticing. Not alot of motivation


It really is… I can pop off two cans for 12 hits before some teammates can get in their original four hits. Alice is that good.

It’s broken at the top cause all the whales have Alice with a combo of dale or Diego. The three turn everyone.

Thats how it works, release wall teams, shields, revivers, hp boost, then release counters, focus, hp reducing, debuff, decap, then release stat boost/7* and rinse and repeat, its a cycle that wont end, next few months we should get some toons to move into a new meta and that will be milked and so on and so on

At the top there is no defense. Just who can 3-4 turn the fastest


Here’s a thought. Avoid the top. Settle for second tier and get your love of the game back.

That’s the road to quiting talk there. Settle just to get bored and not progress.

Good motivation their.

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Happy but it’s only because of Alice. If not it would be a horrible grind

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Lots of people do things for enjoyment and get enjoyment from something other than having to be the best.

It’s like running. People run round the park without feeling the need to win the Boston marathon in record breaking time. Or play tennis or swim or write a novel.