How are y'all doing all these level up events?

I’m curious to know? U train 2* toons and wait for it to finish? Then go get more survivors to train? Does ur roster take a huge hit after every level up? Mine does

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Buying trainers bag by coins or purchase. Usually you can get some great offer at end of month thru Tapjoy but those rewards are a grind too.

Others just horde for months.


I can usually only hit 500k for those torches then I’m done. Just cannot get enough trainers without spending a buttload.

I used to love those $12 offers that gave you two bags of ten of each trainer type (excluding Lilith’s etc)


I’m not trying to spend my coins on crap like that tho

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In that case you’re like me, the old two star meat grinder.

It’s boring and just not a fun time, unfortunately.

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YGL and 2-4 training camps constantly running. I’m rebuilding after a levelup win took a lot of resources, so I’m doing lots of leveling 5* to T4L1, which doesn’t give a lot of points for the most part. Had to start using some of the trainers from daily quests in my inbox to hit 3m this time.

With the usual 2 per week, toons tend to be more the limiting factor. I’m almost down to only Leader persona 5*, which are hard to use.


Getting harder to keep doing these level ups. Not t4ing any six stars anymore that aren’t part of S class and that’s where the big points are. Don’t want to waste the gear.

So doing lots of five star toon leveling but it takes a lot of 2 stars. Not having war for basic tokens is going to hurt.

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Saved up trainers. I can’t use any of my training grounds saved up until I lose like 5k people off my current roster.

I’m struggling to even get food these days, food that’s ridiculous

This is why the town needs to move past level 20, we are stuck in the 5* era when it comes to resource production. I know there are other means to get food but the town needs to get with the rest of the game.


and like all other games there shouldnt be a limit on resources


Yeah three training ground full with 6 days each then just draw off two star toons for leveling. My roster stays pretty lean at about 275 toons

U also get 2* trainers from Leadership training ground. Keep adding survivors to it never let it stop

I agree, you only have a few ways to stash food and one of em you end up losing half your resources if you do it that way. I vote for not having a hard cap on resources.

True if a person stashes food. Myself i dont I only stack leadership training ground for the 2* trainers (Burt’s) they come in handy lol

Go in the supply Depot and sell some 3* weapons

I get food by selling vet rings and crap weapons. Got up to 50k markers to keep maxing food but toons to use in level up is my problem

I farm for weeks and put trainers in the legendary training grounds Have 1 more that goes constantly training 2 star trainers(this takes awhile to get going) then reserve the other 2 and take from legendary training and place the exact amount of days the level up takes.
I wish we could have more training grounds. this would help me out greatly.

I’m not doing them, that’s how.

I always suspected someone was dumb enough to do this, please do not ever reproduce.