How are tournaments getting worse?

Around the time GR came aboard, JB was promoted to oversee walking dead, looney toons, and star trek CMs. He’s a part of all three communities, while GR is assigned to only TWD. This isn’t new news.

Yeah but I think people may be in the dark bc gr doesn’t talk much … Maybe?

I hate to admit it but the rewards for the past few weeks have started to decline (yet again). I don’t know if it is related to the fact that @JB.Scopely is slowly shifting off to other scopley games. I’m hoping @GR.Scopely is observant enough to see how players react/respond.

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It’s hard to imagine them getting even worse than they were just a month ago… But they have … Rts life I guess

Was this information in the double-super-secret leader only line group? I missed the pinned post on the top of the forums :man_shrugging:

The good thing is the transition will be consistent, expected nothing before, expect nothing now. :+1:


Did you see this post?

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Yes, and this quote made me believe that @JB.Scopely was moving on, umm, errr, oh wait :man_shrugging:

Since the hint about his arrival, I’ve seen some players wondering if I’ll be moving on, or just making coffees and posting stickers on some obscure elitist platforms, and I’m happy to reiterate that we will both be working hand in hand on the game, with each one of us tackling various projects and new challenges down the road, as we strive to best assist and serve the community and players’ needs.

I was just about to say nothing on that post saying he gone

It WaS pErFeCt So It WaS nEfReD

I was unaware of him moving on either until now… Like the colts did to Baltimore it is always best to leave in the dark of the night

I like the reference

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He didn’t move on. He’s still doing TWD rts.

Less than obvious he’s still on RTS

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Yep, same post that got removed from here yesterday. Gigi (GR), works only on TWD. JB works on all 3 games, he’s currently covering Star Trek but still actively involved with RTS. I touch base with him just about every day.

So do they only respond to posts once a week?

Its become painfully obvious rts is faaaaaaaaaar down the list of things to make better. The only thing they want to do is extract as much whale milk as possible before the inevitable mass-exodus. Gg.


The fact that there has been many suggestions about the game nearing the end and we haven’t seen one post from any manager saying anything otherwise might be a good indicator we could be right

Jb did say we would have a 2nd cm and he would still be involved in rts. I dont remember him stating he was overseeing 3 games but that’s besides the point. 1 cm or 5 cms we havent heard from any of them much this week. Would be nice to have better communication about top concerns or topics. Daily communication acknowledging things would be nice.


There is really nothing really beneficial with the rewards with faction events. Solo tournaments are the most rewarding. To be honest… The game is just a time passer but seems like the time passer is worse than passing time… better to play a free game and go from there.

The faction raid tournament by far had amazing prizes. Players are just selfish and don’t want to help out the faction. Sure you can win 10 gold mods in a solo or win 180 (6 times 30) in a faction event.

Obviously lowering them to 4 is a huge blow but I loved the 6 gold mods. And to be honest, I just threw out the number 10 for solo. I don’t even remember solo raids giving out more than 6 gold mods.