How are tournaments getting worse?

Serious… Faction raids are 4 gold mods now instead of 6? I just don’t get it anymore… What’s the point?


Look at the rewards for raidS this weekend lmao
Free weekend for me … what a joke !!!

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That’s what I’m referring to… It was 6 for 1st place for a while… Now it’s 4… I just don’t get it…


At some point it will be 3 silvers haha

Rewards for faction lvl up and milestones are also for crying lol

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Only time the prizes where good in team is the end of the 5* days

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soon lol ( yes its a complete sentence )

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Rewards have always been proportional to the length of the tournament. The raid this weekend is less than a day, according to the Scopely calendar.

Let’s face it, it’s been a year and a half since we had toons given out for events, since then we’ve all been fed the same excuse of “live ops is working towards better rewards” but it has only got worse. In time for all events we will be inboxed a thumbs up as a reward from live ops, value will be transitioned into a whopping 10 supply points, which is considered a “great value.”


@JB.Scopely, is this one of your team’s “various iterations” that they regularly try out? Lmao.

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Yikes. This is super disappointing news… @JB.Scopely we need an answer for this. What a miserable decision.

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JB isn’t a CM anymore got moved to another game

This… Need to tag @GR.Scopely now jb with star trek

And just last raid tourney we got 6 gold mods… It literally got worse since the last one … With war stash and now this I think it’s getting to the ole time to hang it up speech… So long farewell you know the rest

It’s obvious they are shifting their attention to other games that are making them more money.


They cant math aswell first 4 2nd 2? 3rd 1?

Wow 2 faction events and no legendary medals in sight smh. Thanks scopely for making me wait 6 days to get 30 medals.

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Would be nice if we could get confirmation from @JB.Scopely or @GR.Scopely if JB is done on this forum. Maybe he is still working on both… I mean that can’t be a hard question to answer can it?

Around the time GR came aboard, JB was promoted to oversee walking dead, looney toons, and star trek CMs. He’s a part of all three communities, while GR is assigned to only TWD. This isn’t new news.

Yeah but I think people may be in the dark bc gr doesn’t talk much … Maybe?