How are bot teams decided?


I swear I’ve fought like the same team 10 or so times.


They are just mirrors of other ppl in your regions defense. Not surprised you fought the same one 10 times bc most ppl all have the same defense after the 6* buff and a lot of us quit buying shitty promo toons.


I think he means the same thing I face in every raid tournament and its not all 6’s , it’s combinations of maybe 1 6 star and 4 5 stars but always the same combination


It’s someone else’s defense. If you don’t believe me put 1 burt as your defense for about 24 hours or so and then ask GC if anyone has raided that 1 burt bot.


They are mirrors of the dedicated players.


Tried that, got raped and I barely get raided because I ghost and when I did that under a faction members advice I got lost a lot of rep.


I was just giving an example on how to prove what I said is correct. I’m not suggesting you put up a 1 burt defense unless you don’t believe me and want to test it for yourself.