How and where to get Romanov 5 *

Where can I get this handsome?

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Looks like he is on the eagle token wheel

Only on an eagle wheel?

Might be in prestige… maybe. I dunno all that’s in there. Don’t think he is on the 5 star wheel

Simply, if you put the best attack mods on him, he will not be a bad leader in the arena where only 5 * characters participate

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Posaibly. He was a very cool toon in his day

It’s just that I play since 2015, knocked out all the Romanovs except 5 *

Well, in the Arena, he can still give others a light 5 *

He’s in the S-Class recruits wheel. I got him on a single pull I did to complete a mission.

Where’s the recruits wheel?

Strange, but I didn’t see him there.

I’ve had mine for like 4 years now not really sure where he’s found. He was my first 5* toon and still my favorite toon in game.

I was pissed when they made the shitty red Romanov a 6* but after I saw the turd they released I was happy it wasn’t this version lol

They don’t show every single 5* available from the wheel in the preview.

I don’t know if they offer different 5 stars every time the wheel changes, I’m ftp so I don’t generally pull on the premier wheels, but I pulled him during the prison break event so he was there recently.

My dream was to knock out Romanov red, and in 2019, he only became a sublime driver, he is now pumped to max

I pulled him from the traders premiere wheel. I’m not sure where else he would be available.

Think I pulled him from 5 star tokens but that was a wheel update or two ago.

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I think that is where I got mine as well, but I have not seen another one come up.

I got your Romanov, 4 for $1 Haha!

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5 star wheel and basic token give this romanov

Nice cheats