How am I supposed to level like this now?


WTH Scopely. 198712%


It’s just a visual glitch


Scopes is telling you to invest in ALOT of world cans from the shop :joy:

It happens sometimes when you’re just about to get to the next level. Math has never been Scopes strong suit.

Nope but it dosent need to be when you can just buy a bunch of these to do the work for you. :smirk:



Think this happen to me one time good news it fixes itself eventually

It fixed itself an hour later. Odd though

Do they accept Monopoly currency? I’m asking it for a friend

Its been in game since 2 years…

Open the game on bluestacks on pc and and then login back on the phone, visual bug will dispense, Hire me scopley

Keep on surviving :joy::joy::joy::joy::ok_hand:t2:

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