How am I supposed to hit 3M milestone with those?

Very demotivated, y r they so scarse with trainers we barely get few 2* from training grounds

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still using my bennies from pathway event, 2 bags left lolz


You could always farm. You know that thing you do in game when you stack your training grounds :woman_shrugging:


@Perrasinclass that’s already being mentioned, next time read b4 u comment :wink:

Did you not collect any trainers from the Pathways event? Also do you really need to hit 3 million in level up if it’s not a faction one?

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Are you need trainers for lvl up? Just make a good bank, and you will be have enough to do few or more good tournaments.


I used all my trainers from pathways ages ago for top 5 placements, and yes
I’m used to hit 3M.

There’s a trainer crate we used to get for 275 coins. Was the best we’d seen in a long time. But i guess they think we’re too dumb to remember bc now the same crate costs 500 coins.

The trainer offers have become 10 times worse too. Higher cost for fewer trainers… i don’t buy either one purely on principle


I did read it. Farm harder. Stacking tg requires more than just using natural energy


Never spent coins on trainers… lol.

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@Perrasinclass writing this means u didn’t read it at all, u just did now u can’t make it look like u did b4, and the whole topic BTW is not about tgs its actually about the scarce offers that need to be improved.

Of course I read it. If you’re saying you don’t have enough 2* in your tg to get you to milestones, then you’re doing it wrong.


Also who the hell buys trainers anyway…


@Perrasinclass when did I said I don’t have enough 2*?

I buy trainers.

Perhaps you should use those coins on World energy instead…

Why would I? I have hundreds of cans stacked

So use them. Stack your tg, level up. The lack of burts on offer is a none issue


I’ve never understood this mentality. Why do you need to hit 3 million and waste all those resources? But you do you.

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Please quit feeding the trolls