How account migration should be rolled out

Aside from a few sour grapes, this seems to be the best news this forums has seen in a long time, perhaps since the game started. A lot of players’ futures in this game depend upon being able to play competitively again, and for this reason it is imperative that this scheme is managed properly. Scopely have not yet provided full details of their plans, but we all seem to be assuming every region will be open to migrate into. However, should this be the case, I can see things could be worse than they are now, particularly as there will be limits on the number of times an account can be moved (which most of us agree is the right thing to do).

In the case of dead regions, these should be closed for accounts to move into. Let’s say you use your one migration opportunity and move into a region with fewer than 10 active factions. Firstly, few other people will want to move here, and secondly it’s likely that most active players in this region will move out. So you’d be stuck there (or have to pay an arm and a leg to move again), with the region even less active than it previously was.

In the case of very active regions, again these should be closed to migrate into. Competition is already tight, and low level players won’t stand a chance, while the whales will become frustrated they are not all able to dominate as they have been used to… leading to a mass exodus.

Ideally, only low-medium activity regions should be open. To me, this would be beteeen perhaps 15-30 active factions, with the aim to get all regions at around 50 active factions. Of course, anyone can leave any region, but to me, it makes sense to limit the regions to migrate into.


Well said, there are so many regions spread out so thinly, (in the words of Bilbo baggies)” butter spread over too much bread” On one hand we don’t want “hop-scotching” around back n forth freely, that’s to open for “Sabotage” but, we also don’t want to see people stuck somewhere because their unable to leave a server that is on its last leg either. it’s time to rally up and strengthen a select count of regions that are solid and worthy of good region to region challenge! I also feel this is what Harris can provide if people moved over to it to give it the numbers it needs!

Straight up it shouldn’t have been brought out yet until more information was given they give us this piece of scrap unless us argue over what the details are in the end it won’t be anything like we thought again they should have never even brought this subject up until they were ready to

Lit is very much scopley style to give a little that promises much but in this they have a real chance to give the people what they want. That does scare me a little because they haven’t got the best track record for making people happy. All we can do is plan for the best and embrace the possibility of having the game and fun back we all experienced to start off with. I hope other regions that still have a good level of competition will come forward like Harris to invite others to join and it’s not half dead factions tricking players into playing somewhere that just makes them give up.
A list of still active factions should be drawn up so those that are thinking of moving have a real choice.

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