How about treating the players with the same respect you demand?


Just a thought?

Know what else is a violation of the TOS? Not providing prizes player’s have earned…

Never did see a response from Scopely to Gr33dy other than “Screw you”

Would have been so simple to just get him his rewards,but no… Scopely guards their pixels like the gold in Ft Knox…



If you/we don’t like it this is what you/we can do, it seems.


in before the ban!

also i wrote a site feedback thread adressing it. Lets keep is in the way its suppose to through feedback

Surely feedback isnt in violation of the TOS


Wanna bet?


my FEEDBACK thread got closed.

The thing that annoys me the most is that a reason is given when they close it but there is no room to have any kind of reply to them.

My post was clearly feedback in a respectfull way… smh… 0 care about their players



This is an official forum – follow the rules and guidelines.

Move to another forum – but do not use this forum for another agenda.

This is standard across all official forums.

Thank you.