How about starting/ending certain events at a decent time for EU players

Dont get me wrong im not saying “EFF” the us players, let them suffer but there’s a decent 5-8 hour time difference with most eu to us times.

We sometimes get the 4pm finishes midweek (Whilst in work time but thats okay i guess) but other times our raids and survival road events always start at 1am

sometimes we like to wrap up an event at the end and get some decent rewards. one of the reasons i dont bother going for 1st and even top 10 anymore is the daft end times imposed recently.

i dont mind when an event finishes at 6pm for us and its about 11-12pm our time, can log off after and wake up to get rewards lol


I get it. It sucks a lot of the time.
8AM or 6PM level up start times are ok. 4PM finishes are ok if you have a job that allows you to use your phone.

Midnight or later war starts and 6am finishes suck.
1am raid starts suck too.

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It’s been requested many times before. They can’t even mix it up a bit from time to time.

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What about just adjusting your play time?

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We all love staying up all night for every event, why wouldn’t we? It would be ridiculous to do something as dramatic as vary the times so that somebody outside Trumpland gets a fair shake of the stick. Not just Europeans but Asian and Aussies love handing USA every advantage.

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well yeah, thats what im getting at, maybe do 48 hour events which gives an even amount of time for an event rather than 32 hours which can help 1 region and not many others

either that or make region time specific regions so you can choose start and end times that cater to your continent

thing is if its not affecting a certain group of people they will come up and defend keeping it the same until it changes against them, im just stating it would be better to even the time of events or make them changeable

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The Spanish office is slowly taking control of all game related content, maybe this will force a change in the future.

im awake for each event starting, 1am is early bed time but having an event thats 1 day and 8 hours you are talking about a specific time for such as EU players missing out 2 nights of gameplay where as another country only misses 1 night of play

Why is “Trumpland” favored? Probably because Scopely is an American company…

Hey you maybe onto something there, never thought they would only want to favour their own

If the Spanish government does force a change, I think game devs will just stop allowing heir games in Spain @Scrap (I assume it’s Spain that you refer to)

If Scopely want to see themselves as a global company then they need to treat their global customers fairly ? Somebody point out the flaw in my logic please?

@Easy_Street please refer to @TheSurvivor post above as explonation.

I work for a global airline, guess what landing and takeoff times are planned to accommodate all timezones not just GMT.

But this isn’t a global airline, this is a mobile game


It has customers No ?

A small shop in LA has customers too, I don’t think they need to cater to international customers, what’s your point?

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No point in trying to make one I guess, you carry on with all advantages and kid yourself you are on an even playing field

You can’t please them all

They could at least vary war start times every so often like we used to get.

Yes, its difficult to please everyone all of the time but its also possible to make allowances for all geographical areas some of the time

We did, in the not too distant past, used to get varying start times for SR as well