How about something positive for a change?


All I can see when I do a new topic search is hacking this, cheating that, goodbye forever, and the endless threads about how much this person has got that and I didn’t get it and this game is rigged. Sure I’ve had my fair share of whinges and spits more than once, and I’ve seriously contemplated scaling back my involvement in this game, but all this negativity is getting exhausting.

How about all the good shit about this game?

Have a look at the new people joining. They are in a much better place than what I was when I first installed. Look how easy it is to get 5s and 6s for that matter, straight off the bat. I remember fighting for a long time with a maxed 4* team just praying that I would one day get a 5.

And then there’s this player first thing everyone is crying about. Well I tell you what, its a bloody great time to be f2p. I have spent my fair share on this game, mainly buying Konrad and Shieldschonne, but luckily not much else, and I stopped spending on pulls long before the 6’s were introduced. But now that 6’s are here, I have gotten so many 5’s that its not funny, and so many of the 5’s I’ve always wanted - even if they are outdated. But every event now potentially gives you an opportunity to pull another 5 whether it be for fodder or SR or whatever, but they are now getting pulled or given in droves. To me that feels a bit like “player first”.

Sure this game has its flaws, but in my opinion, if every one here installed this game for the first time today without knowing of its past, the opinion would be completely different.

Look at it from my perspective. Since the introduction of 6’s I have had that many 5*s that I could use them as ascendance without a second thought. Since ascending 6 toons I and now very competitive in the top 100 raid rankings, and just passed rank 150 (previously couldn’t stay at or keep spot 200). I have just recently been recruited to a faction that finished top 5 on average, last tourney was 3rd.

I believe that all this negativity is amplified by more negativity. Someone that has a gripe reads a thread where someone else is having a cry it makes them want to have a cry too. Then it just snowballs. I can see what @kalishane is trying to accomplish by deleting and closing these type threads - as it will impact the community. It will be a contributing factor this games eventual downfall, more than you realize. Its not that hard to turn things around for yourself, rather than advertising a complaint and hoping for Scopely to give you a free pass to whatever you want.

With that said, I’d like to hear some other positive examples you guys have experienced either now, before or since ascendance was introduced. It cant all be negative or no one would be still playing. I know its going to be easy to lay shit on me and turn this thread around, but please refrain.

Turn that frown upside down and share something positive!



So let me see if I got this right…your sayin all p2p like me should be glad for all the money we wasted to get promos that now are nothing but fodder and because new people is joining the game while veterans are gettin fucked ? Are you jokin ? Lets pretend nobody is gettin fucked and that I care bout new players…Something positive right ? like the perfect matchmaking during war you mean ? Those changes with 5* wheel? Or this wonderful trainers as milestones in this current event ? Maybe you’re talking about all that legendary gear… yeah you can find that in vk btw…or the next solo lvlup with shitty rewards ? And let’s dont forget about next crw that probably will have the same rewards 17500 5* tokens and more bs because there’s some new kind of bug…yeah…keep on surviving man

PS: my post was flagged and people ask why isn’t possible talk about our thoughts here lol




That didn’t take long.

I didn’t even bother reading that.



I come into this thread filled with the power of positivity, I enjoyed being able to have time to work on some other hobbies while i sat in war que watching the spinner spin. It was very refreshing to not worry about a war starting while i was momentarily distracted. The thrill of watching events unfold and getting the first class treatment to watch a war while not being apart of it, reminded me of the time back in nineteen ninety nine when the undertaker threw mankind off the top of the hell of the cell and he plummeted sixteen feet through an announcers table

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Ikr I went to buy some groceries and everything while waiting for a match



There you go , something positive



I’m still thinking of something positive to say, I’ll get back to you…maybe.



yeah it doesn’t take long for people to share their negatives when they see positives. You already know this thread is going to get derailed with negativity. I can say a lot of positive things about this game, but then I will have someone arguing with me which I want to avoid. You can’t be positive on this forum, I learned that long ago, the negative people come out with their bats and pitchforks trying to pound you into the ground. Thanks for trying though @FatZombie



Ok positive comment… my faction mates are some of the coolest people alive and why I choose to still play the game.




Faith in humanity restored



This game is getting so boring, and my 2 years of work has devalued so much, that it is helping me cut back on playing and spending.

I now have more time to do other things.



I’m sorry, but that image is repulsive.

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Family guy gif flagged too many times. It was hilarious, but yes very borderline material.






I’d still take the red pill, and like charges would still repel one another :wink:






Well positive wise, more than a few faction mates of 2 yrs and I are looking for a game(including one that seems promising) to move to together, breaking the hostage situation Scopely holds on those who stay for the people they’ve played with for a very long time.

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I was just cracking wise about properties of charged particles…

To address the topic of this thread: I’m POSITIVE there are rampant problems and issues which require immediate attention, and are hopefully taking priority over the 2017 version of Santa Negan, et cetera.

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Replying to threads with gifs is providing me with endless entertainment at the moment. Way more than the game.



Little brother 1 big sister 0