How about some change in rewards

After 6 months of fighting for 5☆ tokens in every event and only getting useless toons from those tokens people are getting bored and don’t care much anymore so how about a change?

I’m getting the feeling we are never going to fight for 6☆ or any toon for that matter, maybe Scopley can switch around a bit.
Yeah we need 5☆ tokens but if they switch them around and let us fight for weapons from time to time maybe people get interested again.
Give out a red stun gun or a blue impair for first place or a yellow abso, green -ap or stun on attack. Or make them a first second and third place reward and give out a less but also good weapon for place 4 to 10.

Armory only give some people good weapons and others nothing this way people can still obtain great weapons and give the events some competition back.


@discobot fortune
Will we fight for a 6* prize next war?

:crystal_ball: Outlook good

Actually, what’s the point, they will place 6* as a top 1 prize in CRW, okay

But how will they deal with awful matchmaking, cheaters, lags and bugs?
Anyway, only top 1 faction will claim the prize, do they really need another 6* that bad ? Look at them and you’ll see this game is created for driving an addiction from rng wheels. Look at the jabs roster, guy had bought an Aaron stash…And there is Japanese girl YouTube channel where she pulls every single promo with 5-10 big packs even though writing fuck you scopely on every vid


Did you read my post?

I said they never going to give out toons for rewards. I ask if they ould give us weapons instead to switch it up with the 5☆ tokens

My bad, I only read first two sentences and thought it’s the same as N posts before. Since level 125 pretty much everyone have a bunch of special weapons, don’t think that’s a great prize to draw some interest from players.

I reached 125 a long time ago but got only 3 good weapons out of it. My last decent crit was a abso on the kukri around Christmas since then I try 4 to 6 times a week with territories and almost always with dt and pk but got nothing so that’s why I posted it :slight_smile:

Yeah provided your willing to spend for them. The f2p mods will come slow and terrible just like everything else in the game.

The rewards will never change. They don’t care. They will just keep releasing shiny new promos and people will keep spending for this trash.
STOP spending and maybe they may have to rethink things. Who knows.
Mods is just another way for them to make more money and no doubt it will. :-1:

I don’t want mods I want weapons

They won’t even give mediocre 6-stars for free and you think they are gonna hand out stun and ab def weapons? They charge $100 for a chance at the stun gun.

BTW Mods are going to make weapons almost worthless because they can give up to 75% immunity to things like stun and impair. The game is headed for p2w disaster very soon.

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Rewards won’t change, scopely won’t change, end of story.


As a war, level up, raid, or survival road reward. Read the original post. He was talking about these, not from special events.

My point still stands. If they won’t give out toons for these events anymore why would they ever give out a stun or impair weapon? The answer is they won’t.

I agree with you the problem is the top teams don’t want 5-star tokens anymore. They are useless. Not being in a top 3 faction I can empathize with them but also am glad that they are not getting everything handed to them either. The thing I don’t get is they already have the best premiere recruits for the most part. So why do they want an extra Siddiq or Glenn? It’s not like Scopely will ever design a killer 6-star and only give it out as a reward when they can make them pay for it.

The game is just stale with no way out right now.

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Mediocre 6s fine. I don’t want to see toons in events that power creep above the

They need to really alter the tiers… I mean 2500 five star tokens, an extra lillith and Ulysses doesn’t make a big difference between first and second. And so on down the tiers.

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Coins instead of 5☆ tokens could also be nice for a change


5* tokens are the new 4* tokens… they should be given out for only non-war faction events (as 4* tokens used to be). They need to bring out a 6* (or more likely a 5* ascendable) wheel. This should not just be Carl/Mira/shiva/ty/abe/negative but old premiers. Not asking for blue michonne, Koa and Erika, but there’s a lot of average P2P toons out there. 5* tokens used to be quite difficult to acquire, and these tokens should replace them. Give them for solo event and wars.

Technically the people who won Spencer months ago, now will get an ascendable war prize sometime in the next 6 months to a year. Were making progress guys!!! lollolollololololollololollol

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