How about multi “tier” event rewards?


We have often heard Scopely reference that not all players need or want the same rewards and gear. A starting or casual player does not have the same needs or wants as someone in a top 5 faction.

So what if events had two or more tiers of rewards? For example, in a solo event there could be a set of rewards for players who are level 1-50, 51-100, and 101-125. Or it could be defined by raid rep or another criteria. Quality of prizes would increase as the tier level rises and milestone rewards would have increasingly higher thresholds as the tiers rise.

Thoughts, comments or contributions to this idea?


Could create more competition inside these tiers, but less players to compete against. Still a great idea and I support it 100%.


Just gives them more opportunities to screw them up, I can see the lowest tier getting 3 star characters and hiking boots. Until they can show they know how to create rewards that aren’t garbage for the top, why would you trust them to create several more tiers of rewards. Once they figure it out then maybe they can try for multitier stuff.