How about making a legacy Epic Ascendable this week?


With all these yellows coming out, Knox would be ideal. But he will more than likely have an Ap down active with a deals 300 damage to one and remove all attack bonus to 2 enemies rush with no leader skill. Sigh…


From who? Any proof or are you just making stuff up again… :roll_eyes:


imo and from what i’ve heard, in the timeframe from now till 2028 the game will get shut down.


My guess is Knox will have an inferior bleed damage rush like barker and also have pain split


i had to edit because of the free human shield you know :laughing: :+1:


Now that they’ve massively fucked up with survivors pay club, and everyone is out for blood that we’re not getting a “free shield” What are the odds that knox or carley drops in the next 24 hours?


Or both?haha


We got Carly. Thanks scopely. For real this time. Thanks


What a big suprise


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