How about making a legacy Epic Ascendable this week?


Hey Scopely, its been a while. We’ve seen 8 or 9 new legendary toons be released but none of them are the legacy epics that we were promised would be ascendable. This is a good week to make Carly or Knox ascendable. Jus sayin


Yeah, Knox that crap off please.


Oh yes please


Rose or we riot




We nerd carley ascendable :smiley:


I would love Carley.


Or OG Dwight come on scopes its time for the 1st list to be done its time to give us a fighter we payed for befor the 6stars come out and make them usable again


I agree :smile:


I need an OG Dwight ascendable in my life…

Considering that I’ve played since launch and only just got him last week for the first time ever…


I’d say theyre all done and just waiting for the next scopley fuck up. As soon as that happens a legacy ascendable will miraculously appear, just by coincidence, to deflect from said fuck up. Not to worry though, only a matter of time for the next major fuck up to roll around.


Yes please make a below par legacy toon that no one will add to their roster …


How about all four tomorrow make this happen! @JB.Scopely


Not all have been below par, I use hunter on attack and defense in my one region and made him a tank, I defend more than get beat. Hopefully whoever is next will be on his level.


Knox please!! Need a green legacy :slight_smile:

Any word on when we might see some more @JB.Scopely ?


Hunter is one of the weakest revives, and your adding to the fact that all legacy toons sucked


It doesn’t matter. They will all stink when compared to any premiere recruit and be of absolutely no use to anyone outside of being another benchwarmer to add to the collection pile.


Totally agreed (just to keep this post going)


There slowing legacy ascendable’s by a large percent.
They probably won’t release those meant for this year by end of year.

There hoping if they don’t respond or mention anything you won’t kick up a fuss.

If you do…you may get a ascendence release to defuse the situation.

Imo and also from what I’ve heard


Just no