How about a trade wheel

Is it a good idea for a trade wheel where we trade two of the same character for a pull on that wheel


Since scopely is never gonna allow this happen, you wasted your time making this topic my naive friend.

Very interesting idea, though not gonna happen. Better thing to do is tell them to decrease the odds of getting a dupe character.

But this would make the community happy plus people won’t rant so much since they get a chance at a different character so it’s a win win for scopley and the community

Thank but nothing try nothing done

the duplicate card issues is maybe the lowest of issues for my opinion and trading is always just a bad idea

It stops people from advancing in the game. That’s a huge issue.

I like the idea, but how about this, for every promo toon, they make an og equivalent ascendable ftp (but lesser in stats)
For example:Mia 2500 maim and revive teammate 50% hp. Make it fair by making a red og lets use Cain for example, 2000 maim and revive teammate 25%hp
This would give many players options, f2p or p2p

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Also another decent suggestion is to have the war wheel set up the same way as the Stash, perhaps a big rewards if you can complete a certain amount of pulls (if you place on the podium enough wars for the duration).
This would stop dupes, with incentive to war more for that bonus at the end

so if there was a good card and you had a duplicate pull of it that will stop you advancing maybe take a break off from always just having a opposite opinion from every time any player here says a opinion :roll_eyes: you are always just trolling here in the most boring way

Depends on the card. This is clearly about the war wheel. If it was Pete of course I would want another one, but at that point I would probably be a whale so I wouldn’t NEED another one to advance.

You’ve literally done this multiple times. Stop pretending you don’t.

I don’t see how expressing my opinion is trolling.

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ok if you are saying so :sleeping:

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If you can provide me with an example of me trolling, be my guest.

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We are trying to see if we can make a post that would make@gb look into doing something like this

you are just like verdeiwsp but with out facts or knowledge of the game just always against every thing :partying_face:

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That isn’t trolling, it’s speaking the truth lol.

There you go keep trolling and proving me right

Show me where I’m against everything. I’ve agreed with people on multiple things. I literally called this idea (the idea of this thread) an interesting idea, meaning I’m not against it.

And yet in your bio you literally put the Earth is flat lol.

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