How about a good faith effort scopley

If you truly wanting to change things, show it.

The community has been burned so many times by bad events, missed rewards and for the spenders, abysmal odds.

Put together a toon wheel, with 6s only, the good ones. Not the garbage you normally do.


Give all players one free pull, regardless of level.

I know this won’t fix everything, but it will be a good faith effort that you truly want to make things better.


This won’t solve shit.


Yes, give all players a 4stars that will just bring no value :thinking:


Why do you assume they want things to change. Right now this is exactly how they want things to be.

If people stick to their promises and #playersunited starts to put a dent in their profit margins then perhaps we might reluctantly see some effort on their part to make changes. Maybe.


That was tried before. It went nowhere. The shiny new pixel cane out and that toon was maxed by all the spenders.

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