How about a compromise

Since theirs people that apparently still like AOW, for what reason I cannot fathom. How about a weekday AOW blitz instead of a full weekend, once a month. And continue to have a CRW every other week. It would please the masses. This weekend has been extremely boring, we have 25+ factions that have been in a war but we have faced 3 of them for 90% of the time. Very slow ques and just not enjoyable. Bring back twice a month crw


How about we instead alternative between CRW and AOW and also sprinkle in more blitz wars.


Absolutely not! Aow every month is not fun. CRW is the event that people look forward to, to reduce it to once a month is just ridiculous. Maybe AOW every 3 crw wars and a blitz once or twice a month


What’s the appeal of AOW?

Twice a month CRW would result in burnout. No fun when coins and refills start to drop. People would be forced to miss CRW to accomodate their lives, leading to greater disinterest in the event overall due to oversaturation. CRW once a month is enough


I just don’t know how it can be fun to face the same few factions, with so little variety. How about a normal 6-8 region crew and a 2-3 region “AOW” to give some variety

This is the most disinterested I’ve ever been with war


Alternating is a compromise… AOW is more fun to me than CRW where it’s just whales lmao


Some see it as improved prizes for which it is for players in factions placing 25+ in war. The real fix is addressing the prize structure but whatevs.


It’s not all about rewards. It’s about competition and having fun.

And competition is for what? Rewards of course. I really want to see someone waste their entire weekend warring for literally nothing other than competitive pride.


I do. I don’t care about prizes for any event. I war and play for enjoyment and don’t consider it a waste. While yes it’s a driving force, I’m just a competitive person by nature and look forward to the challenge

Mayby cut size of CRW regions from 8 to 4?


What is the argument behind this? Personally I prefer 8 regions as it adds to variety and leaderboard movement

CRW was always once a month since it started with the exception of just recently we had it twice in one month and people immediately started complaining, so it was returned to once a month rate. If scopely decide to restructure prizes to match 8 region CRW, or returned to 3-4 region matchups as it used to be, CRW should be increased to twice a month.

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Transfer into an active region. AOW is fun there. I mean that’s what transfers were about, right?


Personally I think alternating a 2 region crw with an 8 region crw would be the best.

I will be getting a pull from the wheel due to AOW, but still would have preferred CRW over this crap.

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It’s all competition and fun until you get the top faction 3 times in a row (talking about CRW of course).

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In my opinion CRW sucks. Why would you like an event where you can put up 1 million as a fac And Only get 15 of the special tokens, when you can put up 1 million in aow as a fac And get 70. If they fix CRWs prize structure then I wouldn’t care, but I’m not wasting my weekend for 15 damn tokens