How about a blitz war please


Wednesday would be good with me lol


:thinking: Nah, we’re good. We got an entire weekend of war coming up.


so? most people won`t get another pull with just that war, especially since its CRW and only top factions get a decent amount of tokens. I have 70 and i am pretty sure will not get another pull from that CRW


They expect you to buy them towards the end. Last week there was a “deal” where you got 25 for $5. Should have bought that and then top 50 in the crw would have got you that last pull.

They won’t be doing a blitz the same week as an AOW or CRW. Sorry.


i didn`t say they would. I was just saying why people would prefer a quick blitz war just like that guy said


True we need a Blitz war


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